Evel One America's Most Famous Daredevil

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Racer X - Follow Up with Evel

Evel Jumps Hollywood

When we last left our tender hero Evel Knievel there were reports floating through Hollywood that his life as King of the Daredevils was about to made into yet another movie. (This would be the third Evel flick.) Those reports were recently backed up press release on Mr. Showbiz's Internet site that Matthew McConaughey ("Newton Boys," "A Time To Kill") will star as the hard-living, hard-crashing jumper. Rest assured, we will be first in line when the casting call for extras goes out.

Our last reported Evel Sighting was a doozy. In the press box at the Daytona 200, legendary promoter Bill France, AMA prez Ed Youngblood, and Honda VP Ray Blank all got together with Knievel for a surreal summit. Evel was still a little miffed at Blank's comments in the Cycle World article comparing the Snake River Canyon fiasco to Mike Tyson biting someone's ear off. Youngblood, who was also quoted in the article, came out of the press box unscathed. (France was just there to add more star power. After all, Daytona is his track.) In subsequent discussions with both Youngblood and CW editor David Edwards, Evel tearfully recounted his pre-jump prayer meeting with his family above the canyon and said, "I hope you never have to go through that." As long as you don't jump any canyons, you might not have to.

Finally, it was reported in USA Today and Sports Illustrated that Evel is suffering from liver failure. (Ironically, the USA Today report came on the same day that Shaun Palmer snagged a cover story as the world's greatest all-around extreme athlete.) The reports say that Evel has three months to live, but he's been hearing that for the last decade or so.

Finally, when we went to Maxim's Cloud Nine Bar in Las Vegas during our lost supercross weekend, we found Evel's office empty, though the beer nuts had been suspiciously tampered with. The trail is cold again.

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